Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Update on Future Pure Shelter Posts

Thanks to everyone who has followed Pure Shelter these past years as it chronicled my reporting for various news outlets including The Wall Street Journal. As of January 2014, I have joined the ranks of Consumer Reports.

In my new role, I will no longer be personally reviewing or testing products - and so will not be updating the content here. I hope some of the content will remain relevant for you and apologies in advance for any broken links or defunct videos!

Consumer Reports is a nonprofit mission-driven organization devoted to creating a fairer, safer, healthier world. I hope you'll check out our content and product reviews at consumerreports.org - or on our YouTube page.

Please note that any reviews or opinions expressed on these pages prior to 2014 do not necessarily reflect those of Consumer Reports and its experts.

Thanks for coming with me on my home improvement journey. Warmly, Wendy