Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to Battle an Ice Dam. (What's an Ice Dam? Read On...)

Heavy winter storms coupled with long cold spells can leave homes, and homeowners, facing the wrath of the dreaded ice dam.

These often form when an under-insulated home's heat escapes through the attic, warms the roof and melts snow. As water runs down the roof it can refreeze into an icy dam along the overhang, which is cooler—much like a bridge.

If the dam gets big enough, it can then block water from running off the roof and force it to back up under shingles, triggering leaks and other damage. Icicles are one symptom of dams forming.

Here at WSJ, we write about warning signs - and list solutions. For more solutions to combat ice on the roof and ground, watch the above video on Good Morning America.