Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scotts New "Natural" Weed Killer In the Pipeline

A natural weed killer made from thistle fungus ... roach killer derived from soybean oil ... water-saving grass seed mixed with coconut fibers. These are some of the "natural" lawn and garden solutions in the works and on shelves from Scotts Miracle-Gro -- the world's largest player in this market.

Some critics say Scotts' roots in synthetic chemical solutions make its full-force entry into the natural market amount to too little, too late. Others cheer the arrival, saying a strong commitment to naturals by a monolith like Scotts could dramatically alter the face of the industry, and the environment and human health, for the better.

We discuss the opportunity here on CNBC and check out for two videos that give a sneak peak into Scotts' labs as well as a rare in-depth interview with its brash-talking CEO Jim Hagedorn at his Marysville, Ohio home where you can see the one bare spot in the grass chieftain's own lawn. (Note: we had to do a lot of "bleeping" during the interview.)