Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How To Start a Food Garden (With No Digging or Weeding)

After six years of being a homeowner and swearing every year that I'd start a food garden, this year, I finally did.

On my deck.

Call it lawn-chair gardening. From container kits with premeasured fertilizer and watering gauges to compact potato and lettuce-growing bags that can be toted around, the gardening industry is angling to green the thumbs of reticent, and younger, first-time growers. The new items are intended to save time, water, fertilizer and space -- and make it hard to mess up.

You can read more in today's WSJ story, "For a Green Thumb, Just Add Water." In a photo slideshow, I demonstrate how some of the products work. Will report back come harvest time.

UPDATE: Watch as we take lawn-chair gardening to Central Park on Good Morning America where anchors Sam Champion and Elizabeth Vargas and I walk through some of the latest growing tools.