Thursday, October 2, 2008

Saving Energy on the Cheap

Energy experts have preached taking small eco-steps for year to trim energy bills -- but does it work?

The good news, is yes. By taking a few small steps outlined in my story today in The Wall Street Journal, I've cut my electricity consumption by 687 kwh this year, saving $86 in the last 2 months alone. Keeping that up for a year, I'd rack up about $500 in savings -- or 40% of last year's total power bill.

The steps didn't take much effort: turning off printers and computers not in use, upgrading to Energy Star appliances when old ones needed replacing, swapping a stand-up freezer for a chest model.

To dig deeper...

Michael Blue Jay -- One man's Web site with strategies on cutting energy costs. -- Web site that lets you calculate how much electricity an old appliance consumes and how much an upgrade to Energy Star model will provide.

Energy Department Guide -- Strategies from federal government to reduce energy consumption and waste at home. (May take a few moments to load)

Appliance consumption -- A link from the federal government's Energy Star program to see how much electricity individual appliances consume.

UPDATE: Here's a cheat sheet short version with 5 quick tips for Good Morning America as well as a video.

Image by Whirlpool.